Universal Blockchain

Developing open-source technology to support decentralization, innovative
applications and responsible values, to build a world where there is greater trust and
connection between one another.

Decentralized Applications

Nexus is a seven layered architecture that powers decentralized applications (DApps). Our API provides direct access to develop with features such as Contracts, Tokens and Assets, without the need for specialist programming knowledge.



Cryptocurrency is an important facet to Nexus, which is why we have our own native currency called ‘NXS’. This currency is the backbone of our ecosystem as it rewards miners to build blocks, and provides a reward rate to stakers of between 0.5% to 3.0 per annum for securing the network.


Nexus Wallet

The Nexus Wallet is a secure desktop application that you can login to from any computer without having to store your private keys. The Wallet allows you to send and receive NXS, view transaction history, and stake. It also features a platform to install and create modules for DApps, and an interface that can be customized with your own skins.

Login to your Digital Identity

DApps built on Nexus will be accessible through a technology we designed called Signature Chains, a decentralized blockchain account that allows you to login to Nexus DApps from any computer with a username, password, and pin. A sigchain is a personal blockchain account that provides the foundation to build a digital identity and to manage assets.

Quantum Resistance

Nexus has integrated a number of cryptographic innovations that support increased levels of quantum resistance: Nexus Signature Chains, FALCON, Argon2 and Keccak.


Three-Dimensional Chain

The Three-Dimensional Chain (3DC) transforms the ledger into a multi-layered processing system, in order to scale securely and maintain a high degree of decentralization. It is a promising candidate for solving the Blockchain Trilemma.