Digital Identity

Nexus supports the development of DApps for the purpose of building a digital identity. As all information on Nexus is validated by a decentralized consensus, DApps on Nexus can replace the requirement for trusted third parties. Furthermore, DApps will be secured by Signature Chains that provide a very high security standard, preventing other people from stealing your records or your digital identity.

To make the development of DApps easier, Nexus has designed a technology called Signature Chains, a decentralized blockchain account that allows you to login from any computer with a username, password, and pin. This architecture replaces the need to store private keys associated with DApp accounts. Any DApp that is built as a module in the Nexus Wallet can be accessed with your Wallet credentials, making managing your digital identity easy.

Signature Chains

Developers can use our API to build DApps that record many types of digital records, some examples include:

  1. Assets (Titles, Company Registrations, TNS Domains)
  2. Educational and Professional Certificates
  3. Employment References
  4. Landlord References
  5. Medical Tests
  6. Licenses

Most DApps will begin development as private networks, launching as sister or hybrid networks, to eventually becoming their own self-contained ecosystems.

How do I maintain my online privacy?

All accounts on the Nexus blockchain will be pseudo-anonymous, meaning no other person can look up any of your accounts with any personal identifying information such as name, date of birth, or social security number. Your accounts can only be viewed if you give out your username or genesis ID. Furthermore, information such as records and certificates are not revealed on the public network, only a hash reference of the information is recorded within the Asset.