Nexus Frequently Asked Questions

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You can ask questions through our Nexus Developers Telegram group, or on our website's Inquiry page.

You can ask a question through our website's Inquiry page, and select the relevant topic in the drop down menu.

If there are topics, FAQs, or glossary terms that you would like to see added to our Resource Hub, please visit the Inquiry page and submit a request for the team under the "Feedback" topic. Our content is continuously growing, so please check back often for new and exciting information.


No, Nexus is one of the few blockchains that was created from scratch, and mined into existence (like Bitcoin). You can learn more about NXS on our our website's Economics page.

The Nexus Embassies are funded by a portion of each block that is mined. The NXS automatically transfers into embassy keys.


To join the community, visit the Neuxs Links Page to find out what social medias we are a part of.

The Nexus community is the foundation for the strength, diversity and resilience of Nexus. Together, we provide ideas and resources that are crucial to the health of the network. Whether you trade, mine or stake NXS, develop applications, or exchange ideas in one of our community channels, you are a part of the community. We are a diverse network of individuals who advocate the following principles:

  • Responsibility & Independence: Decentralized Systems have the ability to provide choices to become more independent from existing systems, which are often centralized and reliant on outdated processes.

  • Decentralization & Meritocracy: Decentralization of power and resources is fundamental to building the foundations of a meritocracy, where people are rewarded in proportion to their merit.

  • Information & Exchange: The technology of Nexus is developed for people to have free access to information and exchange, creating the potential for greater novelty.

  • Honesty & Transparency: Honesty nurtures trust between people, allowing us to be more effective as a group, whilst transparency cultivates integrity.