Cryptocurrency is attracting the interest of people as they learn about the consequences of increasing government deficits and a rapidly expanding money supply. When excessive money or liquidity is released into an economy, it eventually drives up the price of goods and services, resulting in a reduction in purchasing power or ‘inflation’, and usually ends in the collapse of the currency, known as ‘hyperinflation’.

The economic model of Nexus is designed to produce an annual growth rate in the total supply of a NXS that is similar to that of gold. Gold is an asset that has often been favored in times of economic crisis as a hedge against inflation due to its inherent scarcity. Unlike fiat currencies, the issuance of NXS is not dependent on a central bank or government, its supply is regulated by mathematics, and it has zero debt or interest associated with its distribution.


Coins in circulation = 74,797,507.31

Coins staking = 45.94%

Initial distribution = 78,000,000

Inflation rate = 4.15%