You are able to access your NXS anywhere, anytime, by simply downloading the wallet application and logging in (via username, password, and PIN), meaning you no longer need to backup or manage a wallet.dat file for key storage. Our wallet is also fully customizable. You can choose a skin from the skin repository or make your own design, and developers can build wallet modules.

The Resource Hub has an in depth Wallet Guide available, which includes a section discussing how to verify the installer`s integrity before downloading the wallet.



The Nexus mobile wallet (beta) is totally independent of a centralized node. It is a lite node, though it has the security of a full node, while requiring a fraction of the memory. Like the desktop wallet, you are able to access the mobile wallet with your username, password and PIN. Future releases will have the capability to create tokens, NFTs, and tokenized NFTs.



Your wallet is the safest place to store NXS. If NXS is stored on an exchange or a custodial wallet, then the risk of coins being lost or stolen increases. To ensure you maintain ownership, we recommend that NXS is held in the Nexus wallet. We recommend you set up a 'recovery phrase’ (either 10, 20 or 100 words), and a password of at least 8 alpha-numeric characters. The master seed phrase provides extra assurance, enabling you to recover your Nexus account in the event that it is compromised, or if you forget your password. Remember: your wallet, your crypto. If your coins are stored on an exchange, they are not yours.

Nexus is an open source technology, licensed under an MIT agreement (click here to view license). You are the sole custodian of your coins, meaning there is no one that can recover your coins or encryption passwords if they are lost. In the case of technical difficulties, the Nexus Community will be happy to help with Wallet related queries.