Working Groups

Nexus has adopted the Internet Engineering Task Force’s (IETF) time-tested open process through Working Groups. Our Working Group model connects a decentralized collection of people who work together to set standards or develop new components of our technology. The groups are open to anyone who would like to contribute to the research and development of Nexus.

Here, you can learn about the layers of the Nexus architecture that matter most to you, and design functions and features with our developers. A consistent connection between developers and users ensures the standards of the Nexus architecture are defined through consensus.

The current Nexus Working Groups are:

  • Designs-wg: Set higher level standards for the Nexus Architecture. (Registers, Objects, API)
  • Use cases-wg: Discuss functionality for different sectors
  • Economics-wg: Discuss topics that affect our economic model
  • Mining-wg: Contribute to discussions regarding mining
  • Wallet-wg: Contribute to discussions regarding the wallet
  • Communications-wg: Write content for the website, WIKI, and social media
  • Website-wg: Develop the standards and design of the Nexus Website
  • Graphics-wg: Develop graphics to support the Nexus Brand
  • Social-wg: Discuss and design Decentralized Voting Structures
  • Translations-wg: Translate content for the website

Please join one of our community channels found in the footer to get involved in Nexus working groups.